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A type of body dismorphia that affects mostly flexible people. Flexorexia is the inability to see that you are flexible or are as flexible as someone else who you consider ‘Flexible’. Coming from an addictive background and a history with the eating disorder Anorexia and Bulimia, there is no question that if I want something I will go out of my way to achieve … Read More Flexorexia

Recipe From Thinspo to Fitspo

37KG  –>   48KG The Mind of My DEMON! – An insight into my battle with Anorexia/Bulimia SELFLESS ATTENTION SEEKING All I wanted was for everyone to be happy even if it meant by hurting myself to do so! Whether it be making cupcakes for friends, running errands, hosting parties, all I wanted was to be liked by everyone. PRE-OCCUPIED MIND If you spoke to … Read More Recipe From Thinspo to Fitspo