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Getting Strong and Staying Flexy

I frequently get asked how I gain muscle strength but maintain hyper flexibility. The truth is, I am extremely sore a lot of the time and I honestly don’t wake up in a chest stand!! The sound of me waking up is more like a creaking door in an echoing room but I do take steps to help maintain my strength and flexibility evenly … Read More Getting Strong and Staying Flexy

9 Different Ways to Warm-Up

Sometimes warming up can be such a struggle!! Here are some Ideas to keep it interesting! The 80’s Chick This consists of a typical warm-up of aerobic movements and mobilisation of each body part followed by stretching all over! This can sometimes become boring and repetitive so its nice to always have options! Start with an 80’s inspired aerobic style pump up with kicks, … Read More 9 Different Ways to Warm-Up

Recipe From Thinspo to Fitspo

37KG  –>   48KG The Mind of My DEMON! – An insight into my battle with Anorexia/Bulimia SELFLESS ATTENTION SEEKING All I wanted was for everyone to be happy even if it meant by hurting myself to do so! Whether it be making cupcakes for friends, running errands, hosting parties, all I wanted was to be liked by everyone. PRE-OCCUPIED MIND If you spoke to … Read More Recipe From Thinspo to Fitspo