After years of competing and judging a huge variety of pole competitions, I am now offering the chance to have your routine looked over before it makes it on stage!

This online coaching will give you the feedback needed to make your routine 10x better!

What you get:
$50 –  BASIC ANALYSIS – Full written analysis of your routine. Tips, pointers and alterations that can be made.

$80 – EXPRESS BASIC ANALYSIS – If you need your analysis within 2-3 days.

$100 – VIDEO ANALYSIS – Full Written analysis of your routine + 1 short video from me explaining some tips, exercises and alterations that can be made.

All you have to do is:
1. Upload your video to Dropbox/Vimeo/Youtube (In the Highest quality possible)
2. Fill out the form below
3. Tell me in detail your theme, story & costume (if not wearing in the video)
4. Tell me which competition you are entering & the date of it (DD/MM/YY)
5. Submit your payment with your full name

Analysis will start only after payment has been received.








PLEASE NOTE: I will not be choreographing your routine for you, this is for routines that are already choreographed!
Replies may take up to 2 weeks – please ensure your competition date is at least 4 weeks away!


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