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Getting Pregnant after an Eating Disorder

Getting Pregnant after an Eating Disorder A brief history:When I was 12, I was bullied at school by this one girl that turned my world upside down. I decided to go on a restricted diet and exercise like crazy. My day consisted of a couple spoonfuls of breakfast, an apple for lunch and a couple spoonfuls of dinner or a protein bar alongside 2-4 … Read More Getting Pregnant after an Eating Disorder

Taking Time

I recently ran into an old friend that commented on my minimal involvement in the pole industry as of recent years. The truth is, for the last 2 years I have focused on slowing down and taking time for me. Time for me to heal, time to learn, time to love and time to focus on new energies and paths. To be honest, in … Read More Taking Time

The Need for Knee Pads!

It has been a long time since my last blog, life has been getting back on track, the uni term has come to an end (nearly) and I am looking forward to heading to Dance Filthy this weekend in Sydney! I wanted to write about the topic of knee pads in training and performing as I was having a dilemma as to whether to … Read More The Need for Knee Pads!


I love experimenting with foods! Tonight’s recipe is vegetarian, paleo, gluten free PIZZA!! Pre-heat oven. (not sure of heat… some regular baking temperature) Base (the tricky part) 1 whole            Cauliflower – chopped with stalks removed (blended in the food processor to look like rice, heated for 6 mins in microwave, place in teatowel to cool, then squeeze out ALL the water) 100g                  Almonds … Read More VEGGIE PIZZA

Thank You

I haven’t written in a while and I feel that this post Miss Pole Australia hype is the perfect time to update you all on how I am going and to say some big thank you’s. I know a lot of you have become concerned for my health due to a recent weight drop and yes, I am aware that I am much smaller … Read More Thank You

It’s time to make a change 

Before I embarked on my latest travel adventure – a tour of Colorado, Mexico and Vegas – I noticed I was experiencing a very different feeling than usual. Instead of the usual excitement and anticipation of the incredible journey I was about to have, I felt extremely hesitant and deflated. Having only recently returned from an amazing previous trip of New York, Texas, Switzerland … Read More It’s time to make a change 

You can choose to be Happy :D

There are many factors in our lives that shape the way we feel everyday. Whether it be our family, friends, work, hobby, food or weather etc, each of these variables produce a wide range of emotions for us to feel both positive and negative. Although all these elements play a part in creating how we feel, there is only one decision maker within our … Read More You can choose to be Happy 😀

Help for ED recovery

Recovering from an Eating Disorder is definitely one of the hardest battles I have ever had to fight in my life. Not only do you have a constant mental war between your demon and food but noticing the physical changes in your body makes you feel like a puffer fish about to explode! As much as your dietician/friends/family are telling you to eat and … Read More Help for ED recovery

Taking A Break is Great

Slow and steady wins the race A few days ago, a student messaged me with extreme excitement about the improvement in her needle scale flexibility that she had discovered during class that night. After a whole month of being away from classes due to performance work, she had found her goal of the ‘needle scale’ so much closer within reach than the previous month … Read More Taking A Break is Great


A type of body dismorphia that affects mostly flexible people. Flexorexia is the inability to see that you are flexible or are as flexible as someone else who you consider ‘Flexible’. Coming from an addictive background and a history with the eating disorder Anorexia and Bulimia, there is no question that if I want something I will go out of my way to achieve … Read More Flexorexia

Getting Strong and Staying Flexy

I frequently get asked how I gain muscle strength but maintain hyper flexibility. The truth is, I am extremely sore a lot of the time and I honestly don’t wake up in a chest stand!! The sound of me waking up is more like a creaking door in an echoing room but I do take steps to help maintain my strength and flexibility evenly … Read More Getting Strong and Staying Flexy

9 Different Ways to Warm-Up

Sometimes warming up can be such a struggle!! Here are some Ideas to keep it interesting! The 80’s Chick This consists of a typical warm-up of aerobic movements and mobilisation of each body part followed by stretching all over! This can sometimes become boring and repetitive so its nice to always have options! Start with an 80’s inspired aerobic style pump up with kicks, … Read More 9 Different Ways to Warm-Up