It has been a long time since my last blog, life has been getting back on track, the uni term has come to an end (nearly) and I am looking forward to heading to Dance Filthy this weekend in Sydney!


I wanted to write about the topic of knee pads in training and performing as I was having a dilemma as to whether to wear them for my dance filthy piece or not. The answer is yes, I will be wearing my trusty knee pads and this is why.

When I began dancing (age 6) and pole dancing (age 18), knee pads were not a thing. I danced on my poor little knees for over 15 years with no knee pads and as a result, I developed bursitis on the top of my knee cap the size of a gold ball that cost me over AUD$5000 to get it surgically removed. I considered myself lucky that the surgery to remove my bursitis was a very easy, low risk and straightforward one of which the recovery time was extremely quick with no complications, however, I could have just as easily needed an ACL knee reconstruction with the amount of knee floor work I did over the years.

After my surgery at the end of last year, I remember getting a message saying ‘does this mean you won’t wear kneepads anymore?’ and for a number of reasons, this made me angry. I love my running, dancing and lifting weights, have made a career out of movement and live a very active life; without my knees, none of these would be possible. I had also just spent a large amount of money on getting my knee back to healthy, that I wasn’t going to do anything to make my knees vulnerable to any more damage. My response to this was ‘no, this means I will always wear knee pads!’


Now, here comes my dilemma. I have seen an increasing number of dancers wearing kneepads in competitions, and as much as I appreciate the need for them, I do want to point out that if you are going to wear them for comp, either bedazzle them or wear fashionable or altered ones that go with your theme and the rest of your costume! They are technically part of your costume and therefor they need to look the part!

I have also had questions about what grip I have when I have thigh high socks or knee pads on in my routines and my answer is none. I Don’t use any patent leather, sticky or helpful materials to help me grip; this means my hands and whatever part of my body is exposed are my only reliable sources. A little something you may have not known about me – I have never trusted my knee grips as much as my hand grips – I have large, monkey hands! 😛


Anyways, that said, I do wish to perform knee pad-less again sometime in the near future, however that will mean making a conscious effort to avoid any knee spins, knee landings or anything that could bring on any complications! Always remember that you only have one body for the rest of your life, take care of it! Why cause damage when it can so easily be prevented!

Be kind, think twice and take care!


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