There are many factors in our lives that shape the way we feel everyday. Whether it be our family, friends, work, hobby, food or weather etc, each of these variables produce a wide range of emotions for us to feel both positive and negative. Although all these elements play a part in creating how we feel, there is only one decision maker within our selves that can truly decide our feelings. YOU ARE!

After coming back to freezing, rainy, wintery Melbourne after my beautiful trip to sunny Ibiza, I couldn’t help but still be happy about where I was and the things that I achieved. One morning, I woke up nice and early, made myself a smoothie and watched some news (as I usually do every morning) when my housemate moped out of the room grunting ‘it’s such a horrible day outside’. Now this really annoyed me as my happy vibe-ing morning was immediately reminded about how cold and wet it was outside. The comment made me think about the way in which people categorise rain and cold with being so negative. Something that is so beyond our control yet we let it control so much of our emotion. Rain and winter happens to nearly every country around the world yet it can bring such negative energy to those within it. So why do we make ourselves feel unhappy when its raining? It is our decision to feel happy or sad in the rain and cold so why more often then not do we choose to feel unhappy when there is nothing we can do about mother nature?

Now this is not only about how weather makes us feel, I wanted to touch on much deeper subjects. Time and time again I find myself listening to the problems and issues of my friends and students, constantly offering feedback and advice to get them through their tough times. At one stage I was even called ‘the human sponge’ as I would soak up all the problems and motivate people to power on. It is something that I do love to do and the lives of others intrigues me a lot however most of the time, the problem that is causing their unhappiness is a factor of which is out of their control. When something is out of your control, as much as you would like to think that you can change it/make it better/take it back, you cannot change it. The only thing you can change is how you personally feel about it. Your feelings are the number one thing you have 100% control over. Yes, each factor I spoke about earlier can push and pull you to feel different things however you are the final decision maker that can decide weather or not you are going to allow that factor impact you or not.

Now I am not saying to never feel emotion again – that would be just silly! I am saying that it is healthy to feel all different emotions throughout your life and to explore your feelings but don’t dwell in the negatives. Simple things like rain, bad food, a break up, a death they are all things that happen in life and as sad as they may make you feel, they are not the be all and end all of your life. The next day will arrive and you will be the creator of your feelings again. I am a big believer in the law of attraction – you attract the thoughts you possess. Think positive and positive things will happen. Think negative and negative things will happen. Don’t let the uncontrollable variables and hurdles control your life. Each day is new and can be created into something wonderful if you choose to.

My grandpa always says ‘It’s a good day, because I woke up’. It is a quote I always think about when something gets me down because it is so true. If you can wake up, breathe and live…. then why the hell not make it a good day.

 Hope I can put some smiles on faces 🦄😘💜

Xx Amy Hazel



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