As we celebrate the last day of the year, it is only normal to reflect on the year that has just been.


First things first, looking back on my 2015, I’d have to say that it’s definitely been a year of travel, self discovery and successes. Starting the year on the wrong foot with a bad break up, it wasn’t long before the good foot stepped forwards and I was crowned Australia’s ‘All Stars’ Pole Champion! Dancing to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ was a dream of mine that I really didn’t want to let down a legendary song so hearing my name called out with the most incredible feeling knowing that all the hard work had payed off!
Amy Hazel – Winning ‘All Star’ Routine – STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

File 31-12-2015, 3 51 24 PM

The thing I love about competitions is the fact that I get to meet some incredibly famous and inspiring pole dancers such as Heidi Coker, Sam Star, Kelly Yvonne and Crystal Gibson to name a few from this comp of whom I hope to stay friends with for a long time <3.

I then jetted across Europe with a big red backpack and a hectic schedule for 8 weeks touring my way from Italy to Ireland! Must I say, IT WAS AMAZING! Minus a moment of homesickness in the 4th week, I managed to focus myself on the tasks at hand, keeping busy and doing what I love to do! I got to meet such beautiful people willing to show me their city, traditional culture and let me in to their home for a short time. I am more than grateful for everyone sharing a moment of time with me!
This tour was remembered by my ‘Peekaboo’ Selfies taken in every city I visited!!

I then taught at the ‘Ecole de Pole’ Singapore Opening Summer Retreat after meeting the beautiful Justine McLucas in London earlier on my tour!
I spent my 23rd Birthday in Singapore with Carlie Hunter, Justine McLucas and the beautiful girls of Ecole de Pole Singapore sipping champagne at an expensive hotel brunch buffet! – The life!
I then spent 2 weeks in Hong Kong unwinding from all that visiting my parents and training for Pole Theatre Hong Kong!! As I had gained 5kg from my European tour (How could you not in a city fuelled by yummy carbs) I found it very difficult to train like I used to so I decided to really focus on floor work and less about the pole work as I was competing in the ‘Classique’ division!
My risqué performance at Pole Theatre HK won me the Pole Classique Title!
WARNING : this one is a little R rated
Amy Hazel – Pole Theatre HK Classique Winning Routine – BASS DOWN LOW

File 31-12-2015, 3 49 09 PM

I then headed back to Australia to compete straight away in the following weekend. The 3rd out of 7th comp for the year – The Victorian Pole Championships (Heats). With less than 3 hours to create this piece and a horrible stuffed nose I am very proud of what I put together to one of my FAVOURITE Disney songs EVER ❤ Colours of the Wind. A BIG contrast to what I had performed the week prior :P! I also won the Sponsors Choice Award!
Amy Hazel – COLOURS OF THE WIND – Sponsors Choice Award at Victorian Pole Championships

File 31-12-2015, 3 48 11 PM

After this it was straight back into things with the Grand Opening of the infamous BLACKBIRD Studio!!!!!!!! And holy cow how amazing this place is, words and pictures do not do it justice! Huge Congratulations to Fontaine Bradbury and Olga to their achievement with this and it’s a privilege to work here and call this place home. You can see this studio from about 80% of my instagram posts!

File 31-12-2015, 3 46 28 PM

Ok so this takes us up until the July!!! Wow. 6 months and I have achieved all that!
I started working then on my next competition piece – The Miss Pole Dance Victoria Heats. Coming up with ideas definitely drives me crazy. The countless hours I spent listening to music and coming up with ideas resulted in a sexy grungy piece to some legendary old school Limp Bizkit. I dyed my hair a crazy colour, wore a leotard and socks and had a BLAST. As a result I WON :D!!! Unfortunately, with an up there is a down and as I remember this moment, I also remember the passing of my God mother. Miss Pole Vic is the last time I got to see her before she took her life, however I am sure she was as proud as my own mother to have seen me take the title. RIP Rochelle Nolan ❤
Amy Hazel – WINNING Miss Pole Vic routine – LIMP BIZKIT

File 31-12-2015, 3 13 15 PM

Again, as this was a Competition frenzy time, the following week I flew to Sydney and competed in the Australian Pole Championships! I was on such a high from my win the previous week that I honestly didn’t have much time to create this piece either so unfortunately I was not very proud of this piece, however it was a pretty routine non the less with a pretty white skirt to a beautiful song by James Bay – Let It Go 😀
Amy Hazel – Australian Pole Championships – LET IT GO – JAMES BAY

File 31-12-2015, 3 11 15 PM

Straight after this comp, I flew out to the most talked about event in the Pole Calendar – POLE EXPO!!!! And gosh it didn’t disappoint! At a newer bigger venue – The Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, Pole expo definitely displayed the top players in the industry and connected the world of pole together. If you have never experienced that of Pole Expo, DO IT. There are too many names to name of who I enjoyed spending time with but a HUGE shoutout to the most loving, caring, beautiful, supportive, family I have – BAD KITTY ❤ I can’t thank you guys enough for everything!!!

Back in Melbourne straight after that to start working on my final 2 competitions for the year! But first, I trip to New Zealand to judge and perform at the Pole Stars NZ in Nelson! How beautiful is New Zealand! I can’t believe I had never been before! This piece was a resurrection of an old routine and a mashup of some old and new floor work.
Amy Hazel – Guest Performance at Pole Stars New Zealand – DRUNK IN LOVE

File 31-12-2015, 3 36 26 PM

So next up was one of my favourite competitions of the year Miss Pole Dance Australia! I decided to do a ‘same same but different’ routine to my Limp Bizkit heats routine. With such little time to create a new masterpiece, with a similar routine I performed to the never old songs from Nirvana – ‘Heart shaped box’ and ‘Smells like teen spirit’. I even rhinestoned the Nirvana smiley face on my leotard 😀
I didn’t win or place in this one however, I was proud of my routine and found out I was a very close 4th! With some great positive audience feedback I decided not to beat myself up too much about it for too long… I then realised that there is no point in beating yourself up about placings as titles are a matter of opinion and as long as your routine has inspired someone in someway then it doesn’t matter the award.
Amy Hazel – Miss Pole Dance Australia – NIRVANA

File 31-12-2015, 3 37 03 PM

And we haven’t done yet. The last and final one for the year, the Felix Cane Pole Championships!!! What an amazingly smoothly run event! I was so excited to meet Felix Cane and stay at her beautiful home and was so honoured to be a part of this competition with the theme of ‘Night Creature’ and only 1 spinning pole!! I decided to make a night pixie routine out to steal the crown! I loved making this piece and felt truly at ease in the process of it!
Amy Hazel – Felix Cane Pole Champs – NIGHT PIXIE


Again, no title with that competition but definitely a new perspective on choreographing, training and performing. I have learnt so much about my personal dance style, training regime, choreography process and in general about myself. I have had a very intense year but full of love, hope and dreams (and tattoos hehe #sorrynotsorry).

Alongside all these competitions, I did many photoshoots with awesome photographers such as Kimberly Russel, Alina Samko and Millie Robson to name a couple.

I also met an incredible Photographer Ryan Weeratunge that has some awesome work lined up for the coming year! I am excited to announce the first of the projects is a feature in Vogue Japan!

I spent the last 10 days in Hong Kong seeing my parents for an incredible Christmas! And now looking forward to a great NYE party!
Sorry If i forgot to mention something, I did many guest performances at some beautiful studios and am so honoured every time I am asked to participate in such a huge event in the pole community! As, I am being rushed off to my NYE event, I have to say farewell for now and I look forward to seeing as many of you as I can in the New Year!

Who knows whats in store for us, but in any given moment it could all be over. Live every moment and don’t be afraid to live your dreams ❤

Dream Big Beautiful People ❤


Big Thanks to Pete from Bad Kitty for creating this awesome logo for me ❤

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