Amy Hazel – co-owner of Blackbird Studios & winner of MISS POLE DANCE AUSTRALIA 2018 – is known as the world’s Pole Dancing Unicorn. With her ever changing style, Amy is recognized mostly for her extreme flexibility and strong aerial style, making her one of the most versatile pole and aerial tricksters in Australia to date. She has blasted onto the Aussie pole scene and made an impact with her innovative shapes and transitions and has firmly planted herself as one of the world’s most bendy pole artists.

Amy Hazel is not only a physically strong pocket rocket but she has also shown strength mentally by overcoming her battle with an eating disorder. You can read about her story in her raw and honest blog  ‘Recipe from Thinspo to Fitspo‘. Currently studying Naturopathy at Southern School of Natural Therapies, Amy Hazel aims to bring her passions for health, healing, nourishment and fitness together and inspire others to take care of themselves too!

DSC_3918 copy

Amy’s titles include;

  • ★ 1st place Miss Pole Dance Australia 2017/18
  • ★ 1st place Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2017/18
  • ★ 1st place Aerial All Stars 2015
  • ★ 1st place Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2015/16
  • ★ 1st place Pole Theater Classique HK 2015
  • ★ 1st Place – PPS Aerial Performance Tournament – Professional Pole Champion 2013
  • ★ 2nd place PCS Arnold Classic 2019
  • ★ 2nd place Victorian Pole Championships 2014
  • ★ 2nd place Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2014/15
  • ★ 2nd Place – Ms. Bikini Australia – Musclemania Australia 201
  • ★ 3rd place Miss Pole Dance Australia 2016/17
  • ★ 3rd place Miss Pole Dance Australia 2014/15
  • ★ 3rd place Beijing International Pole Championship
  • ★ 3rd Place – Model Australia – Musclemania Australia 2013
  • ★ Official Pole Ugg Brand Ambassador
  • ★ Official Bling It Heels Brand Ambassador

8 Comments on “About Amy Hazel

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  4. i love amys flexibility and id be elated to see her demonstrate her flexibility by fitting inside a suitcase!


  5. hi there amy id love to see you perform an enterology video of you entering a suitcase box or duffle bag as I’m sure you could fit/?


  6. Hello, Your one of my fav pole dancers. I’d really love to see your location. I see you post your touring info, but when your not touring your where? At what studio do you teach at? Only because I want to get privates with you & I would be willing to visit Australia to train with you. All the best pole dancers seem to come from that location so I could make a pole celeb trip out of it and train with some of my favs in there home location.


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